Teacher Slaps 9-Year-Old Boy, Then Slaps Him AGAIN

Robby Soave Reporter
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A Fremont, California, family plans to file a lawsuit against their nine-year-old son’s teacher, who slapped the boy twice during class.

The teacher is 58-year-old Frederick Berg, at Patterson Elementary School. He was initially placed on leave after the slapping accusation was made, but has since returned to teach.

According to the San Francisco Gate, Berg thought the boy was mocking him. The boy had written a decimal place wrong–on purpose, Berg thought. Berg then placed his hand on the boy’s cheek and slapped him twice, according to the boy’s account.

Berg said the incident was not as violent as described. He merely patted the boy on the cheek, and was confused when the nine-year-old began crying.

The boy’s father, however, told the SF Gate that multiple students confirmed his son’s account.

The family has decided not to change schools, but is contemplating a lawsuit.

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