Fowl Play Bans Man From Supermarket

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A security guard at the Eurospar at Watch House Cross in Limerick, Ireland was assaulted with a hot cooked chicken in 2013. The chicken-thrower, John McNamara, was taken to court and now has been banned from the supermarket where the food-fight occurred.

According to the Limerick Leader, McNamara had denied assaulting security guard Marius Pogonowski.

Pogonowski was talking to McNamara’s daughter and her partner at the checkout of the store, the Court heard during a contested hearing. Then, McNamara came up to Pogonowski and started to act aggressively.

Pogonowski said McNamara was “shouting and roaring and he threw a hot chicken at me.”

The fowl in question hit him on the leg, Pogonowski said, and he defended himself with a shopping basket when he “felt in jeopardy.”

Others in the store got involved, with employee Beata Kaccewsta Wozny learning about the incident when she heard shouting.

Wozny saw McNamara throw the chicken at Pogonowski and said, “There was a big fight in the shop, people were screaming and pushing.”

This was confirmed with CCTV footage shown during the hearing. The video shows the fowl move, with McNamara’s family restraining him while he chucks the chicken.

But while giving evidence, McNamara said he wasn’t deliberately throwing it at Pogonowski. But, during the cross examination, he said he was a “small bit aggressive” and did throw the chicken because of his temper.

However, Judge Eugene O’Kelly said throwing in the fowl was a “potentially very dangerous act.” The chicken bag could have broken with Pogonowski getting scalded by the hot grease.

O’Kelly gave McNamara a four month prison sentence but suspended it for two years. McNamara has also been banned from that Eurospar.

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