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Whatever floats your SCOTUS 

“If you’re taking a survey to find out which SCOTUS justice you pleasure yourself to, that’s probably your only option. #CHUD” — conservative radio host and Townhall‘s Derek Hunter.

Fathers and sons…“Why does a father and son playing catch have more sentimental and evocative overtones than throwing a football? I have a preliminary theory.” — Slate and CBS’ John Dickerson.

Richard Dreyfuss’ son gets Marty’D 

FYI: Ben Dreyfuss is the engagement editor at Mother Jones. 


Blocked by…

(These are just the ones I know about.)

Katie Pavlich (recently landed on 5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week for bragging about a new turquoise phone case), Brandon Darby (Breitbart Texas “Bureau” Chief, who has been romantically linked to Pavlich, angered after The Mirror exposed his outlet for purportedly charging a tea party group upwards of 7K for glowing press coverage ), Dave Weigel (we have a long, sordid history, but it began with reporting his quotes from JournoList and his leaving WaPo), Adam Serwer, who wrote about Pajama Boy shaming, but forgot to include Morning JoeTNR‘s Ryan Kearney (God, I miss you so much), Washingtonian‘s Ben Freed (originally because he wrote a parody of my work for Washington City Paper that was supposed to be nasty, but wasn’t funny. I offered to tutor him on how to properly mock me), Poynter‘s Andrew Beaujon (After he wrote about my alleged errors, I wrote about his 42 official issued corrections in 2013. He has to keep reminder notes for himself not to engage with me).

President Clinton never wore a seatbelt

“From new Secret Service book: Bill Clinton never wore seatbelt, forcing drivers to ‘think ahead,’ imagine impact of crash, to duck disaster.” — Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard.

Newsbusters’ Tim Graham: You are not alone

“I descended from fartists.” — Peter Ogburn, producer for Bill Press’ radio show.  


“A pregnant woman just gave me her seat on this train because she said she really loved my tweets.” — BuzzFeed senior editor Samir Mezrahi.

The Eternal Pessimist 

“One thing print newspapers will always excel at: killing bugs. Like, say, spiders that jump from the steering wheel onto your lap. #splat” — Suzy Khimm, national reporter,

The Observer

“Best thing ever: Listening to British people discuss American versions of Mexican food. So, so many cultural misunderstandings.” — WaPo‘s Reid Wilson.