Despite Homophobic Slur, You’re Still Allowed To Like Jonah Hill

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Jonah Hill used a homophobic slur on camera the other day, but in an unsurprising twist, the liberal media has all but declared you’re still allowed to officially like him.

Hill, known for his roles in “Superbad” and more recently “21 Jump Street,” issued a second apology on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Tuesday night, after TMZ published a video of him telling a paparazzo to “suck my d**k, fa**ot.”

The Internet is absolutely gushing over his apology:

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As this Instagrammer explains so well, we don’t have to boycott Hill or hate him forever just because of one incident:

See, saying a homophobic slur one time doesn’t necessarily mean Hill hates gay people, just like “accidentally” dressing up as a Jew one time doesn’t make Macklemore anti-semitic. As Hill explained on Howard Stern’s radio show Tuesday, he’s been a gay rights activist “from the day I was born and publicly.”

“I grew up with gay family members. I’m leaving here to go spend the day with one of my closest coworkers and best friend who is gay, who’s getting married, who I’m going to stand at his wedding. You know?” he said.

Plus, as Uproxx writer Vince Mancini explained, the real issue with the incident isn’t even the slur, it’s those mean paparazzi bullies:

More importantly, why is Jonah Hill the focus of the story for saying a naughty word in the heat of the moment, and not the two idiots chasing him down the street antagonizing him? What’s the root issue here, a word, or a culture where we respect each other so little that we think it’s perfectly acceptable to just follow people down the street being shitty to them and then act shocked when they get mad?

The Daily Caller has been #TeamJonah all along, but it’s a relief to know we are definitely allowed to forgive and forget in this very unique case!

Here’s the apology:

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