Planned Parenthood: God Supports Abortion

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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If you’re religious and pregnant, Planned Parenthood wants to let you know God would be completely supportive of you having an abortion.

Planned Parenthood recently posted a “Pastoral Letter” that explained God would champion women to terminate pregnancies because abortion is never mentioned in Christian or Jewish texts, reported The Christian Post.

The letter, however, was quickly removed on June 3, yet various Planned Parenthood state chapter websites still have differing forms of the same religious, pro-abortion message.

The Planned Parenthood Association of Utah posted a letter written by a group of religious people — some clergy members of various denominations — telling women feeling guilt over ending a pregnancy, that abortion is “morally permissible.” And since the letter was written by church-going folks who have agreed unanimously that God would support having an abortion, they are confident “that the decision to have an abortion will not change Gods (sic) relationship with you.”

The letter goes on to say that the religious women who have terminated their pregnancies need to “move on” from the burden of the religious guilt and find counseling with one of Planned Parenthood’s abortion zealots. (RELATED: Women Need Abortions For Valentine’s Day)

“We believe that God loves you,” the letter reads. “And you can find strength, understanding and comfort in that love on days when you are in doubt or in distress.”