Women Are Losing Their Minds Over How Good Looking This Criminal Is

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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A 30-year-old convicted felon’s mug shot drew a lot more attention than his crimes.

The Stockton Police Department in California posted Jeremy Meeks’ photo to its Facebook page after he was arrested Wednesday during a sweep of the Weston Ranch area.

The photo of the handsome inmate awaiting trial for weapons charges went viral, and now has over 53,000 likes and 15,000 comments, ranging from “he can be my criminal any day,” to someone asking to “find him a modeling agent.” One man even wrote “brb breaking every law to end up in his cell.”

The SPD posted the photos, saying that, “Due to a recent increase of shootings and robberies in the Weston Ranch area, the Stockton Police Department just completed a multi-agency Operation Ceasefire enforcement mission.”

However, all the attention went to Meeks’s jawline and light colored eyes, not the arrests.

Fans of the felon even started a Twitter campaign, where they photoshopped his face into a Calvin Klein advertisement and used the hashtag #FreeJeremyMeeks.

Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the SPD, said no other arrest photo has gotten this much attention.

Meeks is being held at San Joaquin County Jail under a $900,000 bail.

Jeremy Meeks
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