Hollywood Liberals Forking Over Big Bucks For Wendy Davis

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

Some of Hollywood’s wealthiest liberals are forking over big bucks for Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Texas, according to campaign finance reports recently filed by the campaign.

Among those who have donated directly to Davis: singer Barbara Streisand ($1,000) and musician James Taylor ($15,000).

A number of other celebs have given money to the Texas Victory Committee, a joint effort of the Davis campaign and the group Battleground Texas.

Donors include actress Jennifer Garner ($25,000); director Steven Spielberg ($12,500); DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg ($12,500); actor Matt Damon ($5,000); director Tom Ford ($5,000); director Judd Apatow ($1,000); actress Carrie Fisher ($1,000); actor Tom Hanks ($250); and actor Leonard Nimoy ($250).

Davis raises money into the Texas Victory Committee and then the proceeds are split between her campaign and Battleground Texas.

In a release about the campaign’s fundraising, Zac Petkanas, a spokesman for Davis, said, “we have made unprecedented investments on the ground and online that will translate the excitement for Wendy Davis into votes on Election Day.”

Davis is running against Republican attorney general Greg Abbott.

“Given her busy out-of-state fundraising schedule and campaign cash from liberal donors in Hollywood and New York, Sen. Davis has made it clear that she prefers rubbing elbows with celebrities than talking to Texas voters,” Abbott spokeswoman Amelia Chasse told The Daily Caller.

The Real Clear Politics polling average has Abbott up double-digits, 49.3 percent to Davis’ 36.7 percent.

Here are the celebs who have donated money to help Davis:

Wendy R. Davis For Governor:

James Taylor: $15,000
Barbara Streisand: $1,000

To TX Victory Committee:

Jennifer Garner: $25,000
Steven Spielberg: $12,500
Jeffrey Katzenberg: $12,500
Matt Damon: $5,000
Tom Ford: $5,000
Judd Apatow: $1,000
Carrie Fisher: $1,000
Tom Hanks: $250
Leonard Nimoy: $250

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