Illinois Governor Security Guard Throws Opponent’s Videographer Out Of Campaign Event [VIDEO]

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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A campaign videographer for Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner was removed from a public event by a security guard for Gov. Pat Quinn, Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax reports.

“Earlier today, a member of Governor Quinn’s taxpayer funded security verbally assaulted and physically removed a young member of the Rauner team from a public event being held on public property,” Rauner campaign manager Chip Englander told Capitol Fax. “The stress of multiple criminal investigations does not excuse the behavior of Governor Quinn and his staff.”

The videographer posted a video of the incident on YouTube. Quinn’s security guard is seen in the video telling the videographer to leave, and that he’s not “dealing with it today.” The guard grabbed the videographer’s arm and forced him out.

“Sir this is a public event!” the videographer protested.

The security guard claimed that it was not a public event and then said, “See the sign? Get on the other side of it or you’re going…”

After the videographer continued to protest, the guard shouted, “Fine! You can film me all you want. Stay out!”

Miller noted that the governor’s schedule said the campaign event was at the Circle Interchange at the intersection of West Harrison and South Des Plaines streets, which sounded like a public event to him.

Quinn’s campaign told Capitol Fax that Rauner’s campaign trackers were becoming a “security issue.”

An anonymous friend who attended the event also told Miller that the guard was acting out of “caution.”

“I don’t quite get why the young guy was videotaping anything since the governor had yet to arrive,” the anonymous friend said. “Security being what it is, the officer seems to have exercised his duties out of an abundant caution for the governor’s safety.”