United Airlines Might Not Care, If We’re To Believe This Form Letter

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Flying sucks. Long check-ins, no legroom, subpar movies, $8 glasses of vodka. It’s not a pleasant experience.

But if Reddit user lyndy is to be believed, United Airlines really values its customer’s complaints.

Photo Credit: Reddit user lyndy

Photo Credit: Reddit user lyndy

United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart said he could not confirm the letter based solely on the photo.

“I cannot confirm if it is authentic based on the picture, but it appears to be an unfinished customer response letter,” he said. “If I knew who the customer was we would reach out to the customer and apologize for the response.”

If the letter is true, it’s pretty sweet. No need for an apology. A good curveball from time to time can shake up the day, and this is that curveball. Form letters are boring and everyone knows the company doesn’t actually care. At least United would own it.

“We here at United know you have a choice in your airlines, but not really, so whatever. Look, we don’t even care what we give you in return.”

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Can’t knock them for the honesty.

Also, this letter is way more valuable than anyone is giving it credit for simply because it can be used as a game changer for Cards Against Humanity.

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