Push For Pizza App Helps You Be Fat And Lazy

Josh Evans Contributor
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Have you ever wanted pizza but couldn’t stand the thought of interacting with another human being to call in the order? Push for Pizza is here to help, offering, as the name suggests, pizza delivery orders at the push of a button.

Upon initial setup, just put in your address and credit card information, then press the big red button to select a local pizza place and choose a type of pizza. After confirming the order, the pizza will be paid for and on its way, The Verge reports.

If even the simple act of choosing toppings seems to burdensome, fear not! The app currently only offers a choice between cheese and pepperoni, preventing lazy pizza enthusiasts from being overwhelmed by too many choices.

As evidenced by their promotional video, the app’s co-founders are fully aware of their target audience, portraying themselves caught in the late-night struggle between being hungry and not wanting to call in an order that has plagued teens and young adults nationwide.

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