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Journo goes insane for Uber 

“I’m going to start describing things I like as ‘the Uber of X.’ My dog will be ‘the Uber of dogs.’ My favorite pizza, ‘the Uber of pizza.'”– Reason‘s Peter Suderman.

Happy Birthday to… CNN Worldwide publicist Matt Dornic. Everyone is highly encouraged to give him a birthday spanking. (h/t Politico Playbook)

On Writing

“Amazing how writing turns you into a permanent adolescent: You stare and stare at the thing, and all you see are the zits.” — Jennifer Senior, writer, New York mag.

On Israel/Hamas

“‘Irresponsible’ is what I did when I forgot to turn off my stove. ‘Terrorism’ and ‘evil’ are when you FIRE ROCKETS FROM NEXT TO BABIES.” — Truth Revolt‘s Ben Shapiro.

On Iraq

“We have really become a nation of cowards if we cannot even discuss what is happening in Iraq honestly.” — HotAir’s Noah Rothman.


BuzzFeed editor does unspeakable things with a cantaloupe

“Just finished a 3 hour Skype with a cantaloupe I had my kitchen. Please send help.” — senior editor Samir Mezrahi.

Eavesdrop Café: The Ebola Version 

“Next to a couple on a first date. He made a joke about paint-by-numbers. She (understandably) did not get it. This bodes poorly for both.” — BuzzFeed Legal Editor Chris Geidner. Mother Jone’s Engagement Editor Ben Dreyfuss (son of you know who) replied, “Oh oh. They both sound awful. I hope they get Ebola.”

Quote Taken Entirely Out of Context

“Me on the other hand? I’d say it makes me want to rip my hair out. Or gouge my eyeballs out. But those are not technical terms I guess.” — NPR’s Juana Summers.

Day in the life…

“Hey who was that honking at me on the street while I was engrossed with listening to “Thundercrack”? Why @DanaBashCNN #fitting” — Roll Call‘s Abby Livingston.

Joan Walsh wears Burt’s Bees Repellant for Babies

“I actually am lucky and Burt’s Bees repellant for babies works well. But only if I wear it!” — Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh on how she handles mosquitos.

Vox Media hates ABC’s The Bachelor

(Read their analysis here.)

Vox Media: “The Bachelor franchise is sexist and needs to go.”

BuzzFeed Political Editor Katherine Miller: “NEVER.”

Daily Mail‘s David Martosko: “Relax. It’s Vox. They also hate puppies and Hershey’s Kisses.”

Charles Johnson with Larry Flynt (Charles Johnson)

The Perpetually Threatened Reporter 

“Just a reminder: Joe Nosef, head of MSGOP, has repeatedly threatened yours truly. #mssen.” — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson, who recently said he’d received threats of decapitation.