Intense Footage Of Flash Flood In Hospital Cafeteria [VIDEO]

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The Facebook page for Kearney’s Good Sumaritan Hospital in Nebraska has posted a video of a flash flood breaking through the hospital’s cafeteria on Aug. 8, the New York Post reports.

In the video, hospital workers were seen peacefully looking at the flooded room below them, when suddenly a gush of water bursts through the glass doorway and rips through the cafeteria. The workers flee immediately.

No one was hurt in the flood.

The flood occurred after the town was hit with nearly four inches of rain in 45 minutes, according to the New York Daily News.

According to the hospital’s Facebook page, their services have been restored.

“We’re overwhelmingly grateful to each person and entity who has assisted us in this effort,” one Facebook post by the hospital says. “It’s hard to put into words exactly what Saturday’s conditions were like and just how seriously our facility was impacted. And to say that we’re emotional about the whole situation is a bit of an understatement.”

“Again, we’re so relieved that no patients, staff or physicians were injured in this incident.”


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