#NotAllMuslims Behead American Journalist

Jim Treacher | Blogger

I’m officially done listening to anybody who tells me what Islam is and isn’t. All their words aren’t stopping acts like this.

Rachel Stoltzfoos:

The Islamic State has apparently beheaded American journalist James Wright Foley, a freelancer from Boston, and threatened to execute another journalist if President Barack Obama doesn’t stop bombing Iraq.

In a video first seen on Twitter and obtained by The Daily Caller, a man who appears to be Foley delivers a message to America and to his family. A man masked in black then beheads him on camera.

You can probably find the video if you really want to see. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Good thing they don’t call themselves the Christian State, huh? Then it might be a problem.

While America freaks out over a criminal in Missouri who was shot while attacking a police officer, while our “reporters” pat themselves on the back for running from tear gas in a riot over nothing, this American journalist gets his damn head cut off by Islamofascist freaks.

Burge sums it up:


Once leftists and the media (PTR) designate a certain group as victims — pretty much anybody who isn’t white, male, and Christian — no amount of evidence to the contrary can shake their faith. Nothing that the designated victims do is ever their own fault.

And these bastards know it. So they commit one atrocity after another, with impunity.

James Foley, R.I.P.

Update: This is really messing up Obama’s latest vacation.

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