Gohmert Slams Obama’s Mideast Strategy: ‘Consistently Chosen Side Of Radical Islamists’ [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Republican lawmaker Louie Gohmert blasted Obama for repeatedly working to undermine stable governments in the Middle East, claiming he’s “consistently chosen to choose the side of radical Islamists” in civil wars all across the region.

The Texas congressman appeared Thursday with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto to react to the president’s press conference on the U.S. strategy (or lack thereof) to contain and defeat fundamentalist jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

Obama stressed the importance of arming “moderate” Syrian rebel forces to help defeat ISIS and ruled out any cooperation with Assad — something Gohmert found troubling.

“ISIS, ISIL, the rebels in Syria, the rebels in Iraq,” he said. “When people say he should’ve bombed? He was going to bomb Assad a year ago! If he had done what he said he was going to do, ISIS would’ve already taken over all of Syria.”

“He saw it, a few years ago, as being an Arab Spring,” Gohmert explained. “It was radical Islam, and he kept choosing to help radical Islam.”

“Just like we did in Libya, you’re going to help the radical Islamists take over,” he asserted. “Assad’s not a good guy, but at least he has not been persecuting Christians and Jews, and mistreating people the way radical Islam [has].”

“So he’s the lesser of two evils?” Cavuto asked.

“Yes!” Gohmert replied. “Just like Mubarak was, just like Gaddafi was . . . but [Obama] has consistently chosen, with whatever ridiculous advice he’s been getting, to choose the side of the radical Islamists! We’ve been providing them weapons!”

The lawmaker concluded that he and other Republicans would support further military action in the region “as long as he’s going after the radical Islamists and not the Assad administration.”

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