College Hoops Player Charged With Felony After Dance-Off Fight

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Dance-offs are some serious business around Longwood University. Just ask junior basketball player Shaquille Johnson. He was arrested for felony malicious wounding The Rotunda reports.

The incident took place in Farmville, Va., also known as the dance-off capital of the world. Police Chief Doug Mooney said the altercation happened on Aug. 31 after a competition between Johnson and Aaron Doman of Hampden Sydney College.

“This is an example of what can happen at a party when you have alcohol involved,” Mooney said. “The problems we see with Longwood students are almost always when alcohol is around. Alcohol was being used by people there, and it altered their judgment.”

No, this is what happens when the youth get involved in high-stakes dance competitions. It’s been a problem ever since “You Got Served” came out. All around the country this sort of stuff is happening. It even seeped its way into sports when two mascots fought each other after one.

We can’t let this kind stuff into our communities anymore. I saw that “South Park” episode. I know how this all turns out. End the dancer-on-dancer violence now.

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