Democrats Attack Rush Limbaugh On Way To November Loss

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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It must be an election year. Democrats are boycotting Rush Limbaugh again.

The Washington-based Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is actively working to shut down a private business by sending out its “Tell Companies: Drop Your Rush Limbaugh Ads” activist campaign, which hinges on comments the top-rated radio legend made in a riff mocking Ohio State University’s new sexual assault policy on campus. They’re sending out petitions and they even have a running clock in the bodies of their emails counting how many people have signed up to repudiate Rush. So what did he say?

“Let‘s be clear: Rush Limbaugh is advocating for the tolerance of rape,” the DCCC email said in bold.

That’s not true. It is certainly not at all “clear” that that’s what Rush Limbaugh did. (RELATED: Gavin McInnes On Why Politically Correct Outrage Is Like The Mob)

“Seduction used to be an art,” Rush said before reading aloud the Ohio State consent guidelines: “The absence of no does not mean yes. It must be asked every step of the way. It cannot be implied or assumed even in the context of a relationship, and the absence of no does not mean yes.” After reading some more, he realized that under progressives’ own guidelines “So as long as the girl’s thirteen she can give consent for sex provided it’s creative and enthusiastic.” Rush seethed in his chair at a progressive culture that would permit sex with thirteen-year olds. “Consent must be freely given, can be withdrawn at any time, and the absence of no does not mean yes.”

“How many guys, in your own experience with women, have learned that no means yes if you know how to spot it?” is the line Media Matters for America, the George Soros-funded media monitoring organization in Washington, D.C., first highlighted within the transcript of Rush’s monologue and flagged for its cohorts in the mainstream media. “People aren’t even going to try to understand that one. It used to be a cliche. It used to be part of the advice young boys were given. But see that’s what we’ve got to change. We have got to re-program the way we raise men.”

Contrary to the DCCC’s accusation, Rush was not “clearly” talking about sex as opposed to courtship – which is what he started the segment talking about. Even within the non-sexual context in which he was speaking, the irony of the tone of his entire segment – according to the transcripts – is evident. I listened to it three times and they’re just not quite able to make what he said work in the context of their narrative.

You wouldn’t know that from reading this liberal news article, which stated, “On Tuesday’s show, [Limbaugh] claimed that such policies take the fun out of sex.” That’s not what he said at all. But that headline will get tweeted out and pushed out there and people will think it’s a quote and that he was being totally serious because young liberals sit on the Internet all day developing a detachment from old-fashioned verbal communication like the kind practiced on talk radio. (I’m not RFK Jr. here outside the vaccine plant, but doesn’t it seem like a lot more kids started developing Asperger’s Syndrome after computers came out?)

That’s standard operating procedure in the mainstream media. I wrote a column once asking why progressive gay activist groups try to distance their members from kitschy old-school gay culture. Media Matters pounced on it and fed their headline to The Atlantic Wire, which ran with “Daily Caller Thinks Gays Were More Fun When They Didn’t Have Rights.” Then people think that’s what you said. That’s how it works.

(Side note: I found ThinkProgress’ entry on Limbaugh next to an article with the headline: “Transgender Kids Who Delay Puberty Become Happy, Healthy Young Adults, Study Finds.”)

That’s why you have to ask questions when you hear about Rush Limbaugh controversies, like when the Democratic National Committee boycotted Rush and The Daily Caller after he read one of our columns once on progressive demonization of the “male objectifying gaze.” Plus, activists on sites like “Daily Kos” have been working for years to get Limbaugh off the air and there are long-running progressive “Flush Rush” campaigns to go after his sponsors.

I like the Rush Limbaugh radio show. I liked it the other day when Rush was talking about being the new “NFL Judge” presiding over only NFL-related court cases. Man, liberals in Washington D.C. don’t like it how people listen to Rush Limbaugh.

I like the commercials on the show, too. The “God Said, Man Said” people advertise on there. So does Standard Insulting Company. They love what they do at Standard Insulating. Nothing feels better than helping people every day. They’ve helped thousands of families with new installation, making their homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient. For the last four years, Standard Insulating has been honored with the Century Award from the EPA for improving…


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