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Postcards From The Edge Of Stupid: Pictures From “Flood Wall Street”

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The stupid is strong in New York today.

Mutants from all walks of life – everything from unemployed gender and ethnic studies graduates to unemployed philosophy majors – took to the streets to New York to protest for “climate action.” Bond villains around the world laughed.

Here is a collection of a few of the pictures these unemployable, unwashed masses offered the world.


A young Drew Barrymore lookalike wants to get rid of fossil fuels. How many trees had to die, and how many chemicals had to be used to make these signs?


What would any progressive gathering by without a shout-out to their rampant anti-Semitism?


Nothing says “Save The Planet” or “Take me seriously!” like a little flag desecration.


People are upset the NYPD won’t let them shut down the whole city. One woman tweeted, “NYPD choosing to protect Wall Street, again.” Poor baby.


There is conflating issues, and then there’s bringing Ferguson into the global warming march.


They eventually staged a “sit-in” on Wall Street. It would’ve had a positive impact on humanity if they’d staged a “shower-in” in stead.

And what would any religious movement be without their Pope? Al Gore showed up, dripping of oil money from his sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera, then scurried away in what else – an gas guzzling SUV.

He’s better than you are, you see. He’s invested in expensive “green” energy that doesn’t work, so he wants you to subsidize it, and he wants government to force you to use it.

The “green” movement is quite a racket; the billionaires and millionaires behind it can’t make a profit because their technology doesn’t and/or is too expensive to work, so they want the government (you) to subsidize it, then they want the same government to force you to buy it. I can see why they hate capitalism, it’s the antithesis of their business model.