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1. Politico columnist puts his life in danger… Roger Simon once interviewed a battered woman whose husband then came after him. See what happens next. Why you should read it: Because he said this to police who warned him not to try to interview the guy: “I don’t want to interview him! I yelled into the phone. I want you to come and get him! Now! Fast!” Read here.

2. Paula Dean takedown… Jezebel‘s Hillary Crosley just destroys Paula Dean with this piece about how she’s coming back with her new online food network and is ready to redeem herself after using the word “nigger.” Crosley doesn’t hide her feelings — she hates Dean’s racist guts and thinks she’ll never be reformed. Why you should read it: The deep fried lede is perfection. Read here.

3. Speaker Boehner puts Joy Behar in a headlock… The scene happened at Almond Restaurant, the Hamptons eatery part-owned by Jason Weiner, brother to budding journo and ex-crotch shot aficionado Anthony Weiner. Why you should read it: Best line comes from Behar: “Boehner had quite a grip. For a guy who cries a lot, he’s physically quite strong.” See NYP‘s Page Six here.

4The “Fuck it I quit” reporter has more to say… “There comes a point in each and every one of lives life when you spectate or choose to stand up for what’s right,” she says in a new YouTube video. Why you should watch it: Because you watched her “fuck it” moment. Now you need to see her explanation.  Watch on Mediaite here.

5. The latest on the missing UVA woman… There’s nothing conclusive on what happened to the young woman, but this story spells out the nuts and bolts of everything that’s known so far. Why you should read it: Unlike, the story doesn’t treat you like you’re a child, a moron or a nerd who wants everything charted out, but instead gives you the facts straight up. See here on