U.S. Military Releases Video Of F-22 Strike Against ISIS [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The Pentagon on Tuesday released an image of the Syrian-based ISIS command center targeted by the first F-22 Raptors ever used in actual combat, along with a video of the successful strike. (RELATED: U.S. Uses F-22 Stealth Fighters For The First Time In Real Combat Against ISIS)

The image below shows a before and after of the ISIS command and control center located in Raqqa, and the video below shot by an unspecified aircraft shows the bombs dropped by the fifth-generation, multi-role stealth fighters hitting their target and detonating.

Handout pictures showing an ISIL Command and Control Center in Syria before and after it was struck by bombs dropped by US F-22 fighter


The F-22s, stationed at a base in the U.A.E., were used Monday night in a coalition strike against extremist fighters carried out by the U.S. and five Middle Eastern allies against ISIS and an al Qaeda base in northwestern Syria.

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