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Quote of the Day 

“I LOVE PILATES!!!!!” — ABC Scandal star Kerry Washington.

MSNBC host sorta cries child abuse over syrup 

“Dad in front of me just ordered 8 yr old son a venti chai with 16 pumps syrup! On the verge of criminal.” — MSNBC’s Abby Huntsman.

Grover Norquist urged to join tea party event

“Just called to join a ‘tea party’ run by a five and six year old. Instructed to wear my ‘blue shirt.'” — Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist.

Travel Bitches 

“ORD > EWR, I hope. Awaiting crew. 56 minutes late. Fortunate.” — Jeff Jarvis, blogger, J-school prof.

The Media Observer


“Journalists love making the story about themselves.” — Commentary, Weekly Standard and Free Beacon contributor Noah Pollack, in reaction to a BuzzFeed tweet on a CNN crew getting gassed in Hong Kong.

CNN’s Brian Stelter rides in on white horse for Fareed Zakaria 

 “In the interest of transparency, let me say that I trusted Zakaria before these allegations and I still trust him after studying all of it.” — CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter on his program Sunday regarding the plagiarism charges against colleague Fareed Zakaria. Read more here. “He is one of a kind. One of the sharpest thinkers on world affairs anywhere.”

Seriously?! In the interest of transparency? What kind of transparency is that and what does it even mean? What’s more, according to Stelter, we in the news business apparently now distinguish between “low level” plagiarism and high level plagiarism or what Politico’s Dylan Byers calls “misdemeanors.” Stelter does raise a decent question about whether it Zakaria’s writers who wrote the verbatim script that is lifted or was it him? But he couldn’t Zakaria on his program and could only get a standard quote from CNN Publicity saying they fully support Zakaria.

Obviously a joke…

“If you see a Steve Hayeseque figure at an airport, bus station etc, don’t hesitate to report it. See something, say something. #HayesCode” —NationalReviewOnline‘s Jonah Goldberg. Stephen Hayes is a columnist for The Weekly Standard and a Fox News contributor.

Mike-Elk-1On Mike Elk going to work for Politico 

“Honestly, the most distressing part of the Mike Elk hire is that they just picked up another white guy. What bout newsroom diversity? #smdh.” — Washington Free Beacon managing editor Sonny Bunch on InTheseTimes Mike Elk, a labor reporter recently hired by Politico.

@MikeElk is the last best hope of introducing Politico’s newsroom to living, breathing normal human Americans. Godspeed, you.” — HuffPost‘s always oh so normal Jason Linkins. For sure, HuffPost is the only beacon of normalcy in This Town. Brief memo: SHUT UP LINKINS. Some may recall Linkins, who fittingly writes “Eat the Press,” quit his Sunday write-ups because he wanted to eat brunch. [RELATED: HuffPost blogger quits Sunday talk show coverage so he can stuff his face]

Free idea for Politico: A “Mike and Mike” podcast in which @MikeElk and @mikeallen pound beers and talk about whatever.” — Bloomberg PoliticsDave Weigel.

“With Mike Elk’s move to Politico, I wonder if they allow their reporters to crowdfund their vacations. Did he do his due diligence?” — The Weekly Standard assistant editor Jim Swift.

And on partying at Mike Elk’s house

“Here’s one for the media gossip column: I got housed at @MikeElk‘s place last night and I am rather sluggish today.” — Washington Monthly contributor Sam Knight.

Journo writes Facebook to complain about Facebook 

“Hi @facebook. It’s Ryan. I just installed your new messenger app. Pretty lousy. Not a fan. Why can’t I use it thru the regular app, again?” — Ryan Sloane, CNN news editor.

“Dr. Chelsea Clinton’s” has a take on the Ebola crisis  

“Is this a joke? Dr. Clinton? MT@ FareedZakaria What can be done to halt Ebola crisis? @ChelseaClinton with her take.” — Brian Walsh, partner, Singer Bonjean Strategies, and former Senate and House flack.

How John Heilemann spends his weekend 

“News: @QtipTheAbstract now spinning every Friday night (late) at the downstairs joint at @TribecaGrandNYC. Assessment: #OTH. That is all.” — Bloomberg PoliticsJohn Heilemann.

WaPo reporter goes gaga over the moon 

“Have never seen a moon like the crescent sitting just over the Hudson right now. Gorgeous.” — WaPo‘s Philip Bump.

In case you think you’re having  a bad day… “A man charged with animal cruelty had to face an unusual sight on the witness stand – the animal he abused.” — NBC Washington. The animal was Ozzy, a West Highland terrier. The man was sentenced to 18 months in prison. When he’s released, he must steer clear of the dog forever.

Writer rethinking week without alcohol 

“Stonking Saturday-morning headache after a week with no booze. Abstention must be bad for me.” — Amanda Kolson Hurley, a freelance D.C. architecture writer.