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HuffPost media blogger quits Sunday talk show coverage so he can stuff his face

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

HuffPost media writer Jason Linkins, whose physique is not that of a a toothpick, will cease live blogging the Sunday morning political talk shows. He announced the news Sunday that it would be his last day doing it. With much glee, he talked about the “terrible shows” and the “drek” he’ll no longer have to watch.

Under the Fox News Sunday section, he wrote, “Years from now I won’t understand why I woke up early to watch this stuff.” Next up: NBC’s “Meet the Press.” And out came the knives. Linkins is apparently not excited about the rumor that MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi and Joe Scarborough may dive in to boost the ratings and replace David Gregory.

“In truth, I have a hope for the people of MEET THE PRESS, and it is this,” he wrote. “I hope their show gets cancelled and I hope that they are all unemployed for a certain amount of time. I really want the people who make this show to experience what it’s like to be unemployed — the specific combination of depression, cynicism, and pure animal terror, coming at you in waves at different times of the day. The MEET THE PRESS people, more than most, need to get in touch with these emotions — and in so doing, get in touch with life in America. When they are fortunate to return to jobs in televised news, their work will be better for having this experience.”

Linkins wasn’t any more enthused about “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” In fact, he can’t decide which show or host is worse. “I suspect that Stephanopoulos is the dumber of the two, but also the more pleasant of the two to be around,” he wrote.


So what’s the scoop? Why is Linkins ending his reign of covering the shows in often cool, critical, irreverent tones?

The answer: He wants to eat brunch.

He broached the news of the demise of his Sunday liveblog much like ripping off a Band-Aid. No sugarcoating involved except on those sticky, fluffy glazed donuts that will soon be shoved into his mouth. He wrote, “Here is an idea I had: I thought I would wake up, watch the Sunday morning blather shows, type stuff as I watched them, put the stuff that I typed on the internet, do this until these shows were over, and then never ever do this ever again. Sound good to everyone?”

Linkins continued, explaining that people often ask what he’ll do now that he doesn’t have to do this anymore. Will he soon be eligible for a cameo on TLC’s My 600-lb life? 

“I’ll have better Saturdays and more rested Sundays,” he explained. “I’ll get out of town on occasion and get to do some things in my own city I’ve been putting off. I’ll see friends more often and get more things done around the home. Mostly, though, I will go to brunch. I am really looking forward to finding out how many innovative ways brunch has evolved in the past six years.”

Fair enough. But might want to put the heart surgeon on speed dial.

Editor’s note: Forever may not be finite. At the bottom of Linkins’ alleged final liveblog was this statement in miniature print: “The Sunday Morning liveblog will probably return never, but I guess you never know about these things.”