Common Core Is So Bad NUDE ADULT MODELS Are Now Criticizing It

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Proponents of the Common Core Standards Initiative have been mauled in the court of public opinion and in state legislatures across America since last autumn when they confidently rolled out their attempt to standardize curricula for public school students in 46 states.

How bad have things gotten for Common Core since those halcyon days? Well, now even adult webcam models are brutally criticizing the national standards.

Here is the tweet by Britney Lace about the ridiculous Common Core math problem she encountered:

The tweet links to a photo of the problem on Instagram:

Adult models Daisy Lynn, Cassidy Nicole and Britney Lace then vent about their unhappiness with the scheme backed by Bill Gates, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and bureaucrats across the fruited plain:

“Common core is so ridiculous. It makes it so much harder and more complicated,” Britney Lace tweeted.

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