Woman Who Looks Nothing Like Alison Krauss Impersonates Her

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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The New Mexico woman who impersonated the bluegrass country singer Alison Krauss back in January has been arrested again.

Peggy Sue Evers posed as Krauss, though she does not resemble the Grammy-winning artist even minimally, to extort money from 75-year-old Don Fulton in Arkansas after they met on an online dating site in 2013. She sang some of the singer’s songs for Fulton, who had recently lost his wife, and once he was convinced she was authentic the two married shortly after.

“Investigators say a few months into their marriage Evers drained Fulton’s life savings, got him to sign over the deed to his house and filed a will for him naming herself as his heir.”

Alison Krauss impersonator

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The police had been looking for the 53-year-old imposter after she missed a probation hearing in mid-September, which she was required to do after she plead guilty in January to conning Fulton. She was sentenced to eight years probation, and was ordered to pay Fulton $70,000 in restitution.