Don’t Let Nickel Back

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Inspired by a crowd-funding campaign that got the Foo Fighters to play in Virginia, crowd fund starter and Nickelback hater Craig Mandall started his own campaign, against Nickelback. Mandall’s new fund, “Don’t Let Nickel Back,” is trying to prevent the band from coming to London.

The funds, which are going to charity, are staggered at different levels, according to Alternative Press. For a $50 pledge, Mandall said, “your donation will result in an email to Nickleback with an attached mp3 of Nickelback’s music. This way, the band will hear their own music, and likely retire immediately…” Mandall continued that the band’s retirement would be the most successful outcome, given that no one would ever have to hear them live again.

While noble a cause, it is doubtful the campaign will work. Nickelback ignored a petition signed by over 43,000 NFL fans several years ago to not play at a Detroit Lion’s game. Still, words of hope came from Mandall’s donation page, “just imagine, thousands -perhaps tens of thousands of music lovers  -all not’s witnessing an exclusive concert by Nickelback in London. It will be glorious. Legendary. Dare we say, game changing?”

According to the donation page, the fund currently has raised $189 of its $1,000 goal and has 42 backers.

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Ben Smith