Biden 2016 Gets ‘Boost’ From Vague Supporters, But Identity Politics Still Rule Many

Derek Hunter Contributor
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It’s no secret Vice President Joe Biden wants a promotion to the big chair. He first ran in 1988, and either ran or flirted with the in every cycle since. But 2016 could be his year. So what kind of support can he expect? Tepid and confused, if a new video is any indication.

Laughing At Liberals visited a recent Biden rally in support of Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and asked fans to voice their support for a Joe run in 2016. They also asked for accomplishments that make the Veep the best candidate. The answers were almost Biden-esque.

No one was able to list actual accomplishments, only vague “he’s got experience” platitudes.

Students at the event were receiving extra credit for their attendance. Luckily they weren’t being graded on their knowledge of Biden’s career.

So attendees, however, were less than thrilled at the prospect of the man one heartbeat away from the Oval Office ascending to the big chair. Some older women voiced their support for the next president to be a woman, either Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren, because, well, they’re women and they want a woman to be president.

They expose what will be both Biden’s and Republicans’ greatest hurdle to overcome in 2016 — the Pavlovian love of identity politics progressives have ingrained in their DNA.

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