Brit Hume: CDC Director’s Ebola Claims ‘Manifestly Not True’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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After a contentious interview with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden, Megyn Kelly invited Fox News’ Brit Hume to give his take on the Ebola crisis Tuesday. Hume accused Frieden of making claims that were “manifestly not true,” and for giving excuses for not imposing a travel ban that made “no sense”:

“I struggle with the fact that some of the things he was saying to you, that the information was clear and that it was correct and all that, was manifestly not true based on what he himself ultimately conceded during the course of the interview.

His explanation, like previous ones that have been given for not imposing a travel ban in order to keep people from those infected areas out of this country for the time being, I thought makes no sense. I mean, you would not need to have actual bans on flights, Megyn, you could do it through the visa system, where you simply would not allow people with visas from those countries to come here for now.

Flights could come and go, and it wouldn’t keep people from going there. So I think the explanation is weak. And it leads to the suspicion I think among people watching who are worried about this that we’re not being told the whole truth about this. That may be on some basis unfair, but I think that’s what fans the flame of alarm here that they’re trying so hard to avoid.”

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