Worried About Ebola? Then You’re A RACIST!

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Since roughly the beginning of October, the first and second cases of Ebola and the first Ebola death have occurred on American soil. And already, some bloviating liberal arts major has proclaimed that Americans are racist if they fear the spread of the deadly virus.

The liberal arts major is Stassa Edwards, a freelance writer and blogger with a Ph.D. in art history from Florida State University — that esteemed academic powerhouse and reigning national champion in football.

Edwards also earned a bachelor’s degree in English and art history from Hollins University, a little-known women’s college, according to her LinkedIn page.

With this strong scientific background, then, she is an Ebola expert to whom America should listen closely.

Edwards chose the website Jezebel for her treatise, entitled “From Miasma to Ebola: The History of Racist Moral Panic Over Disease.”

Jezebel describes itself as a destination for “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women.” It does not typically publish breakthrough scientific or medical commentary. (RELATED: Precious Snowflake At Jezebel Believes Only Women Can Be Crime Victims And It Must Be Rape)

In any case, at 2,384 words, Edwards’ piece is long. God, is it long.

Edwards manages to meander through The New York Times, “Tea Party Republicans,” Jews, Italians, Chinese immigrants, Victorian soap advertisements, India and some book called “History of Shit” (currently ranked #733,168 at Amazon),

When at last the art history degree-holder concludes, she blames Americans for fearing Ebola because a black man named Thomas Eric Duncan contracted the disease in a horrifically under-developed country, Liberia, and brought it to Texas last month.

“Television and radio host quizzed CDC physicians about the likelihood of infection (‘little to none,’ they seem to answer again and again), asked again about the safety of our too-porous borders,” she writes.

Edwards is sad because Duncan had no health insurance. She fails to note that federal law now requires that most Americans carry health insurance. She also appears sympathetic to the argument that the insurance-less Duncan did not receive sufficient treatment for Ebola (a disease for which there is no vaccine) because “America is fighting only for the white man, not the black man.” (RELATED: EXPOSED! CONCLUSIVE Proof That Racism Is EVERYWHERE, Always)

“The onset of epidemic disease has always incited prejudice, permitting the stereotyping of foreigners, of people of color, as inherently closer to disease: more deserving of death from it,” Edwards declares in her concluding paragraph. “The ‘always them, never us’ conception of Ebola is a major factor in the lack of a vaccine, which the NIH has been researching, with dwindling funding.”

The World Health Organization has warned that new, incurable cases of Ebola could reach as many as 10,000 per week by Christmas,” according to USA Today.

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