Ingraham: ‘How Many Americans Are Going To Have To Die?’

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Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham said Thursday wondered “how many Americans are going to have to die” until the Obama administration gets serious about combatting Ebola. Ingraham also said the administration is not “put[ting] the interests of the American people first” and is infected, amongst many things, “by a political system that refuses to do what the people want.”

Ingraham: “We have American people who are infected because [the administration] is affected by political correctness. We are infected…we’re infected with incompetence, and, at some level malevolence. We’re infected by irresponsibility, we’re infected by a lack of transparency, we’re infected by a political system that refuses to do what the people want, and instead is focused on the global economy effects or focused on the the feelings of other people in other countries, or focused on what the elites in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Boston, Boulder, or Madison will think.”

“The American people demand action…How many Americans are going to have to die until we start doing our jobs here? Is there a number that’s acceptable? We call it collateral damage but we don’t expect we are going to have collateral damage here in the United States on the home front because of their refusal to do what is necessary to protect our people. Look around you, you could be the next victim of Obama’s collateral damage campaign. The political correctness is trumping health security.”

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