Michelle Malkin: Liberal Billionaires Created A ‘Voter Fraud Frankenstein’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox’s “The Kelly File” Tuesday and warned about a “cabal” of wealthy liberals trying to steal elections in her home state of Colorado by creating a “Voter Fraud Frankenstein,” slamming them for their “hypocrisy.”

Malkin made the comments while hyping her new Citizens United documentary Rocky Mountain Heist exposing how a small group of wealthy liberals took over Colorado politics. “I’ve been a resident here of Colorado now for six years, and I didn’t know the story about how this cabal of wealthy, liberal, progressive billionaires and millionaires meticulously planned to take over a once red, red meat state and turn it blue…”

“The hypocrisy reeks, it smokes, it burns because you have these people that have paid lip service to transparency and to informing the voters… [who] used a lot of shady nonprofits that have all these noble sounding names that include ‘progress,’ ‘democracy,’ ‘transparency,’ while they were plotting to take over the state legislature.”

Malkin warned especially about how Democrat-sponsored laws making it easier to vote the same day, and even to vote online, would be “used and exploited specifically to affect elections, particularly when they’re close.”

“What do you get when you combine the Chicago way and the Colorado model and the Rocky Mountain heist?” she asked. “Exactly this kind of Voter Fraud Frankenstein, which is perfect for Hollywood and exactly what they want when elections are close. And they’re just coming up, aren’t they?”

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