Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Been The Victim Of Sexism In The Senate, Won’t Say How

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren told CNN’s Gloria Borger she’s been the victim of sexism in the United States Senate, being treated differently because she’s a woman.

How has the very liberal Senator been treated differently and by whom? She won’t say. When asked if she would elaborate, she only said “Nope.”

Borger didn’t bother asking why, she moved on to whether or not this sexism was surprising to her. Warren sighed and said, “Not really.”

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand made headlines a few months ago when she wrote in her book how male colleagues in Congress made comments about her being “chubby.” She, too, would not name names.

Warren is no stranger to controversy she’s unwilling to prove or provide more information on, having used alleged Native American heritage to obtain a position on the Harvard faculty by claiming minority status. She’s refused to answer questions on the subject and has not provided any proof to back up the claims that gave her an advantage over other applicants.

“It’s hard to change these male dominated institutions,” Warren laments.

Again, Borger didn’t follow-up or challenge these assertions.