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Quote of the Day:

“@BrianStelter What’s next? Is ur wife gonna take selfie @ Texas Ebola hospital in front of waiting room TV w/ CNN on?”

Evan Gahr, Washington freelancer and resident phone enthusiast in response to this story.

Travel Bitches

“Always reassuring when before takeoff a maintenance staffer wanders down the aisle muttering, ‘How many things can you break.’ #Delta …And now the second leg of my flight is delayed because of engine trouble. #Delta …Oh, wait, we’re being moved to a new aircraft in a different terminal. #Delta”– Garance Franke-Ruta, Washington editor, Yahoo! News

Flack finally shaves 

“Just completely shaved my face for the first time in years. result: no one should ever be forced to see this much of my head. Not even me.” — Christopher Schuler, flack for Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.).

Does CNN have a lightening fast airline for Anderson Cooper?

“What airline does CNN fly? Every time there is news, Cooper is there within minutes. Meanwhile, I’m delayed hours because of drizzle.”– Former Rep. Joe Walsh.

Dumb questions deserve obvious answers

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NYT reporters request buyouts en masse… “A group of New York Times employees acted en masse to request packages detailing the buyout packages they would qualify for if they applied for them in a round of buyouts announced by the newspaper earlier this fall, several employees confirmed to Capital.” By CapitalNY‘s Jeremy Barr. See here.

What can happen if you jump the White House fence…

“The dogs were immediately taken to a veterinarian by the Secret Service. They had gnawed Mr. Adesanya so severely that he had to be taken to the hospital.” — NYT First Draft on what the White House guard dogs did to the latest fence jumper.

What happens when WaPo‘s Philip Bump tries to razz his coworker 

Bump: “I wonder if Glenn Kessler can spell ‘Pinocchio’ correctly on the first try.”

Neil Shader (works with a public lands protection group): “I assume he has autocorrect set up to it for him.”

Bump: “That’s my guess.”

WaPo‘s Christopher Ingraham: “@pbump can you spell ‘Phillip’ [sic] correctly on the first try?”

Bump: “Can you spell troll?”

Journo thinks Google is listening in

“Weird. It’s like google knew I was talking to a friend about lasik today and then sent me a coupon. Are you spying on me google?” — NBC “Meet the Press” senior editor Shawna Thomas.