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Sharyl Attkisson: America Is ‘Being Manipulated’ By The Media [VIDEO]

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Americans are “being manipulated” according to a 21 year CBS correspondent who has written a new book, “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington“.

Sharyl Attkisson, who rejects having any political allegiance while focusing on the truth, discusses here how powerful, hidden special interests in the media increasingly hide the truth and homogenize American news. The media, to her, seem nonplussed by government privacy invasions, even when it happens to themselves.

In Part 1 of our exclusive video interview with Attkisson, she tells us how she found and reported the sophisticated, remote intrusions in her own computer and how she used her own forensic specialists to confirm the government’s intrusions prior to public awareness of similar offenses to media outlets and reporters. She even identified that someone planted classified documents in her computer, seemingly to frame her or her sources.

In this exclusive video, she says she was “outraged” and finds the actions “chilling and dangerous” to a free press and civil liberties.

Responding to how her employer reacted, Attkisson seemed surprised by the lack of alarm by CBS, who, she thinks, should have worried about others in their system who may have been compromised.

As for her peers in the media, Attkisson courageously speaks almost as a whistleblower when she says others are worried but may be unable to speak the truth and keep their jobs.

She believes there is an “odd complacency” and “tacit acceptance” in Washington, D.C. that the government is monitoring your emails and listening to your phone — even among Members of Congress.

When asked about attacks from the ideological left and their allies, who are pushing back at her efforts to expose how the news is resembling propaganda, Attkisson says the attacks are ineffective — as it only reinforces that she is on the right path. She says their effort is likely designed to influence uninformed readers or risk-averse, weary editors who often succumb to censoring the news under pressure and criticism from cultural elites in and outside of government.

Part 1 of the two series concludes with her advice to citizens once they learn of how the media is operating. The journalist advises working hard to get to the truth and not sitting back when you are outraged.

WATCH Part 2 of our interview of Sharyl Attkisson next Sunday, November 16th, when she discusses Benghazi and more.

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