Valerie Jarrett On Criticism: ‘When You Break Glass Ceilings, You’re Going To Get Scraped’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In her first comments following a recent article critical of her role within the White House, Valerie Jarrett brushed away any criticism, saying it’s nearly inevitable for her to get “scraped” when you “break glass ceilings.”

“When you break glass ceilings, you’re gonna get scraped –– minor scrapes by a shard or two from the glass,” she told MSNBC’s Joy Reid, noting her focus is on the final two years of the Obama presidency.”

“If I take a bump or bruise along the way,” Jarrett told Reid, “that’s nothing compared to the sacrifices that the women whose shoulders I stand upon made along the way.”

Although she didn’t address it directly (nor was asked about it), much of the criticism stems from a recent POLITICO Magazine piece, “Fire Valerie Jarrett,” suggesting that the White House would work more efficiently if she moved aside, perhaps to run the future Obama Library.

The article specifically points to her contentious relationships with multiple members of the Obama team over the years, including Rahm Emanuel and Robert Gibbs, along with her “trump card” over such members of the team: her relationship with Michelle Obama.

“Her undefined role combined with what by all accounts has been almost unlimited proximity to the Obamas has proved a bad mix,” wrote Carol Felsenthal in the piece.