Stephen Hayes: Reporters Covering Gruber Exhibit ‘Hackery,’ ‘Dishonest Journalism’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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F0llowing the recently-revealed comments by Jonathan Gruber last week, reports of media bias in both cable and network news have been reported as Fox News led the charge against the MIT economist. Appearing on “Special Report” Tuesday night, Weekly Standard columnist Stephen Hayes pointed to the mainstream media for its “dishonest journalism” on the subject, even describing it as “hackery.”

Stephen Hayes: “I’m troubled by the administration’s attempt to distance itself from one of the architects of Obamacare, but I guess I have come to expect that from this president, from his administration, this is what they do. They are not afraid to, I think, be dishonest if it furthers their interest. I’m equally troubled by the reporters who are refusing to cover this or, in some cases, actually pretending that he is not who they said he was just months ago. There was a POLITICO article in which the reporter wrote a lede and she said, you know, Jonathan Gruber, chief architect of Obamacare, et cetera, et cetera. The same reporter just wrote an article recently saying was Jonathan Gruber really an architect of Obamacare? This is hackery. This is just dishonest journalism. I think journalists have a lot to answer for in terms of being deceived or being enablers of the administration in the first place to pass Obamacare. But they have even more to answer for right now.”