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SHOCKER: White House Aide To MSNBC

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MSNBC: The place where ex-White House aides go to be unbiased.

Or, well, something like that.

There was a time, years ago, when MSNBC was still pretending to have straight news reporting by not letting hosts like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews anchor election coverage. But that’s clearly a thing of the past and exactly what they did during the recent midterms.

e84b5f12ff73878aa785c296671e9ef8_400x400As reported by Politico Playbook this morning (the place the White House wakes up to, etc…), Rachel Racuson, who has been Associate Communications Director for the White House, is moving over to the White House carriage house, MSNBC, to be head of communications. She’ll be the “lead spokesperson.”

Racuson earned some fame this year by landing on The Hill‘s Most Beautiful People list. As reported by The Hill over the summer, relationship status: boyfriend, party affiliation: Democrat. She says TV is her “vice.”

Racuson will be moving to Manhattan and reporting to MSNBC President Phil Griffin. She should fit in perfectly in the news business. In The Hill profile, she says she’s not good at me-tme. “I wish I was someone who is better at carving out free time,” she said.

She starts Dec. 8 and it’s safe to say, she’ll be right at home with former key Obama aides David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs.

Photo credit: The Hill