Lagniappe: Black Friday Edition

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Greetings all! Thanksgiving is past, so cue the Christmas music.

In between hunting for Black Friday deals, check out this list of Thanksgiving leftovers you might have missed while prepping your turkeys.

1) Despite running as a fierce critic of the imperial executive, Obama has officially become more imperial than Dubya

2) Patriots quarterback Tom Brady goes to bed at the same time as your 7-yr. old

3) “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

4) Along with most of Redskins nation, Hall-of-Famer Steve Young isn’t a big fan of RGIII

5) Ted Cruz received a standing ovation at the Zionist Organization of America awards ceremony …

6) Frank J. Fleming teaches you how to “Punch Your Inner Hippie”

7) Tweet of the Week goes to @NolteNc

8) Why won’t the mainstream media crowdsource the Lois Lerner emails?

9) Looks like illegal immigrants would be eligible for Social Security and Medicare

10) Is Chuck Hagel’s ousting basically Rumsfeld Version 2.0?

11) Sleeping through the night could be detrimental to your individual creativity

12) Rhode Island still drunk-texts the one that got away, Mitt Romney

13) Not inviting the president to deliver his SOTU address could be Boehner’s ultimate “F*** YOU” move