College Professor: Paper Attacked By Islamists Was ‘Devoted To Hate Speech’

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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According to Shimer College Assistant Professor Adam Kotsko, the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo was “devoted to hate speech,” comparing it to the hate group Westboro Baptist Church and saying it was not “surprising” they were attacked. (RELATED: #NotAllMuslims Murder 12 People In Paris Because Somebody Disrespected Allah)

Kotsko, who has a PhD in Theology, Ethics, and Culture from Chicago Theological Seminary, tweeted his opinion in the wake of the deadly attack on the paper Tuesday morning. He deleted the tweets under scrutiny, but Salon parody account @Salondotcom managed to grab a snapshot.


Kotsko responded by apologizing, and literally begging Salondotcom to delete their screen-cap of the tweets.



But later, Kotsko resolved to “move forward” since the tweet was publicized by “2 daily caller freaks [sic].”


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