Medical Marijuana Makes Another Splash

Nick Givas Media And Politics Reporter
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Marijuana may be coming to a pharmacy near you. It may even already be there, according to the financial site The Motley Fool.

In an effort to develop alternatives to opiate based pain killers, Insys Therapeutics (which trades on the NASDAQ) is making a pitch for the drug Marinol. Marinol is synthesized from the main cannabinoid of marijuana known as THC. Surprisingly, the drug has been FDA-approved since 1985. It is mainly been used to treat chemotherapy patients suffering from weight loss or nausea.

Insys unveiled plans during a Wall Street pitch meeting to release an improved oral liquid version of the drug. It would be faster acting, and easier to parcel out. The company estimates that if the plans are embraced, they will see a sales hike of $200 million.

The movement to legitimize marijuana as a pharmaceutical drug has heated up in the last decade. This move could go a long way in proving that medical marijuana has merit. It may also lead to further study of another cannabinoid: CBD. CBD is a byproduct of the production of Marinol. Which if used properly, it could help ease symptoms of epilepsy in suffering patients.

By being the first company through the wall, Insys’ efforts could lead to more research, investments and a higher level of understanding with regard to medical marijuana treatments.