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Quote of the Day:

“BTW, am I the only one who thought Joni Ernst was pretty good?”

Politico‘s Glenn Thrush.


“Gotta wonder what Team Hillary thought of Obama’s speech last night. He was 2008 Obama—liberal, charismatic—everything she struggles with.” — CNN’s Alexandra Jaffe.


The Media Observer

“Media/political narratives about POTUS remarkably one-dimensional: he’s either ‘on his heels’ or ‘fighting back.’ Everything fits that frame.” — Peter Daou, who has been a blogger and a political advisor for two U.S. presidential campaigns.

Gross alert…

“In the course of two weeks, we’ve trended #dickpoop and #DeflatedBalls. Take a bow, grownups of America.” — Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams.

The Good 

  • @SenSchumer just used ‘mollycoddle’ on @cnn’s air.” — David Chalian, political director, CNN.
  • “No tan suit, democracy saved.” — WSJ‘s Byron Tau.
  • “The I-won-both moment was classic Obama. He has a great, sharp edge–that he does not often deploy in public. #SOTU.” — Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn.
  • “Obama tone and demeanor tonight to me is the story: Confident, confident, confident. And not keen on reaching out to GOP. At all.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

The Bad 

  • “TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF AARON SCHOCK.” — Blue Nation Review‘s senior editor Jesse Berney.
  • “I think @amyklobuchar is OK after getting bonked in the head with a CSPAN camera.” — National Review‘s Benny Johnson.
  • “Ruh roh: As SOTU ends, House Sergeant-At-Arms emails House staff: “Stay clear” of streets south of Capitol because of police activity.” — HuffPost‘s Jen Bendery.
  • “Rosa DeLauro is quite literally dancing and yelling in the aisle with a giant gold scarf on.” — Benny Johnson.

And The Ugly 

  • “The good news is that we know Obama eats his fiber, since he just dropped an epic load of crap in Congress.” — Truth Revolt‘s Ben Shapiro.
  • “So criticisms of SOTU/rebuttal speeches are fine, but quips about female voices rub me the wrong way. Women speak like women.” — Leigh Munsil, defense reporter, Politico.
  • “I dare someone to find a hotter, stuffier room in DC than the House Press Gallery right now.” — Jacob Fischler, reporter, BuzzFeed News.
  • “Sorry, just got to say it one more time: John Boener is a smug, orange fuckface and I hate him more than…oh wait, Joni Ernst is coming on.” — HBO’s Bill Maher.

Greta escapes to Cambodia for State of the Union 

“Strange to read all the comments about sotu from outside beltway / very outside #Cambodia.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren.

Uh oh

“The word ‘alqaeda’ was not used in the speech??” — Richard Grenell, general thorn in your side and media critic.

Speaking of Schumer…

“NY Senator Schumer says Obama’s speech was not partisan. That makes me feel better. I must have understood.” — Americans For Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist.

Still speaking of Schumer…

“There are probably 40 TV cameras in Statuary Hall tonight or as Senator Schumer calls it – Heaven. He’s on CNN now.” — Brian Walsh, partner, Singer Bonjean Strategies, former House/Senate flack.

Still still speaking of Schumer…

“Chuck Schumer found a camera.” — HotAir‘s Noah Rothman.

No State of Union is complete without Boehner tan jokes 

“Boehner is the color of his chair. #SOTU” — TheBlaze‘s Dana Loesch.

The Media Critic 

“Everybody in this Fox News focus group looks like they’ve been confined indoors since 2010.” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan. Washington Examiner’s Justin Green replied, “Your anti pale person bigotry shall not stand.”

Post State of the Union Zzzzz’s 

“Ok, time to go to bed and dream of bread bags, lovely floating bread bags.” — Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa): The Stepford Wife 

“Ernst is probably more personable than Hillary, but like her not a great speech-giver.” — Washington Examiner‘s David Freddoso.

“Tough gig. I think the only one who’s really ever excelled in a response was Fred Thompson in 1995.” — National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry.

“If the goal of @joniernst‘s speech was to humanize GOP, per @FoxNews it was a #FAIL. If point to cyborg future #winning.” — Reason Mag’s Nick Gillespie

“Biggest takeaway from #JoniErnst‘s speech: why isn’t Iowa providing its children with shoes?!” — Adweek-FishbowlDC editor Damon Marx.

“If Joni Ernst’s career takes off, Kristen Wiig will never be out of work.” — WaPo media writer Paul Farhi.

“This is the 6th GOP #SOTU response in a row featuring a Republican who speaks to us like they’re addressing a room full of kindergartners.” — sex columnist Dan Savage.

“Jodi Ernst sounds like she’s delivering a commercial for wounded animals.” — Gabby Morrongiello, reporter, Campus Reform.

“Ernst better get to the point. This is very odd.” — Tom Rogan, columnist, National Review Online, The Telegraph.

Hopes and Dreams for the next SOTU

“I really wish the #SOTU audience was much like British Parliament and yelled….that would be so much more entertaining.” — Reason Mag’s communications specialist Pat McMahon.