Seth Rogen And Michael Moore BANNED From Steakhouse For ‘American Sniper’ Criticism

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Seth Rogen and Michael Moore have been banned from a Michigan steakhouse following their criticism about Chris Kyle and the Clint-Eastwood directed film “American Sniper.”

Tommy Brann owns Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille, and after the two celebrities tweeted out their criticisms — Moore calling Kyle a “coward” and Rogen comparing the film to “Inglorious Basterds” — Brann put up a sign that read, “Michael Moore and Seth Rogan are NOT allowed in my place.”

Seth rogen banned

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“Chris Kyle is an American hero and what he represents to me is the goodness of America and the people who defend it,” Brann said in a statement.

“He was doing his job and he was doing it great. The remark was offensive, and if Chris Kyle was still alive he would handle Michael Moore in a minute. Chris Kyle’s family, why do they have to hear it? To me, that’s really hurtful.”

Meanwhile, “American Sniper” is killing it at the box office. (RELATED: Chris Kyle Film CRUSHES Box Office Records In Opening Weekend)