TheDC Reporter Challenges White House: Do Illegal Immigrants Have A ‘Right’ To Work In US? [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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During Wednesday’s White House press briefing, Daily Caller White House correspondent Neil Munro challenged the Obama administration on Loretta Lynch’s comments that all illegal immigrants have the “right and obligation” to work in the United States. (RELATED: AG Nominee: Law Gets In The Way Of Illegal Immigrants ‘Right’ To Work)

Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz (who really wasn’t having a good day) called on a nonexistent journalist named “Fred.” After an awkward silence, Munro took the chance to ask a question.

“Today, Loretta Lynch was up on the Hill and she said today she believes that illegal immigrants have an obligation to work, and she said regardless of how they came here, obligation to work is one that is shared by everyone in the country. Does the President believe that people who are here unlawfully have an obligation and a right to work?” he asked. (RELATED: New York Dem: Illegals Should Have The Right To Vote)

Schultz responded that “the president believes that as part of the immigration, both the executive action that he announced but also a pillar of the bipartisan bill that passed the Senate with both Democrats and Republicans and that was blocked by House leadership from even coming up to a vote, that that restores accountability, that those immigrants can come of the shadows join the workforce, pay taxes, and be held accountable.”

“That law was never passed, you remember,” Munro pointed out. “So does the President believe that people who are here illegally now have an obligation to work and compete for jobs against Americans, unemployed Americans, young Americans, etc.? His attorney general — his prospective attorney general believes this. Does the President agree with Lynch on this, that people who are here unlawfully have an obligation to work?”

“I think the people who under the President’s executive action plan can now come out the shadows …” Schultz began.

“But all twelve million who are here illegally,” Munro pressed. “Does that include … do all twelve million have an obligation to work, or does the President have a disagreement with his nominee for the attorney general?(White House Press Secretary Has No Idea What Obama Did Yesterday)

“I’m going to admit, I know that hearing is ongoing,” Schultz said. “So I haven’t had a chance to review that transcript before coming out here,” he added, before abruptly ending the briefing.

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