Terrence Cody Charged With Possession Of Alligator And Weed

Evan Wilt Contributor
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Former Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle, Terrence Cody, faces 15 counts of criminal activity including possession of marijuana and one very large reptile, according to an LA Times report.

The Ravens announced that they planned to release Cody on Jan. 23, shortly after police reports started looming over the former Crimson Tide standout. Due to contractual issues, Baltimore was unable to officially terminate Cody until Feb. 2, now a free agent, Cody could be facing significant jail time this off-season.

Cody spent the entire 2014 season sidelined with injuries and has not recorded a sack since being drafted in 2010. In 2013, Cody saw playing time in 12 games, but only was able to scrape together a mere seven tackles.

With little success at the pro level and spending an entire season virtually out of football, it appears that Cody has found some new activities to keep himself occupied.

Cody is still being investigated by Baltimore police, after “the death of Cody’s bull mastiff, which occurred at a veterinarian’s office on Jan. 19. The cause of the dog’s death is unclear,” reports the LA Times.

After the initial charges of animal cruelty, Cody was found to be in possession of marijuana and an alligator.

Cody’s agent, Peter Schaffer, calls the allegations “ludicrous.”

Schaffer told the Baltimore Sun: “This is all a result of the NFL allowing players to be convicted before they’re tried…If Terrence wasn’t a public figure, they wouldn’t have ever charged him. It’s just ridiculous.”

Even if the charges are dropped against Cody, there will be little interest for him in the free agent market. Not only has he never produced at the professional level, illegally importing exotic animals and possessing illegal substances are not usually a good career move.

Cody has gone full circle from battling the Florida Gators on the field, to having a gator for a pet.