MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Global Warming The ‘Single Most Important Thing We Face’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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The United States may have economic problems and an emerging war against ISIS in the Middle East, but not everyone thinks those issues are more important than global warming.

Appearing on “Last Call With Carson Daly” Tuesday, MSNBC host Chris Hayes said that global warming is “the single most important thing we face.”

Hayes’ comments come in the wake of ISIS beheading 21 Copitic Christians in a video released on Sunday and as the situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate.

“The single most important thing we face globally is the fact that we are heating the planet to a level that is never before been tried, while also trying to have human civilization,” Hayes said.

“One hundred years from now, people will look back and be like, ‘How did they talk about anything else, ever?'” Hayes told Daly. “‘Like, didn’t they understand they were sitting tied to train tracks with a train coming?’”

This isn’t the first outlandish comment Hayes has made about global warming. As Newsbusters noted, Hayes compared climate change to the struggle to end slavery in the 1860s. (RELATED: Hayes’ Rebellion)

“There was hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent because frankly, I mean, the amount of money that’s on the line, the only historical analog for the amount of money that’s on the line in terms of the fossil fuel industry is the sum total value that the slaves represented in the Civil War,” Hayes told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner at the time. “That is the analogy you have to go back to.”

“When you think about the current present value of the fossil fuel reserves that are on the books, the current fossil fuel companies, the last time that that much wealth was at stake was when the South fought the Civil War,” Hayes said.

It was reported in early February that Hayes’ show, “All In With Chris Hayes,” could be “uprooted” from it’s 8 p.m. time slot due to terrible ratings. Hayes routinely finishes third behind Fox News and CNN in the ratings battle.