Scarborough Calls Hillary’s Response ‘Insulting’: ‘How Stupid Do They Think We Are?’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s response to stories that she used a private email account to conduct government business was nowhere near satisfactory for MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough.

Scarborough called the former secretary of state’s attempt to clear the air “insulting” and “absolute nonsense.” He also wondered, “how stupid do [the Clintons] think we are?”

“The statement that she put out last night, the tweet, such absolute nonsense, insulting the intelligence of everybody saying ‘I am asking the State Department to release my e-mails,'” Scarborough said. “They don’t have them! She has them! They have 55,000 emails that she and her staff parsed through and decided to give to them and she’s saying to the State Department, ‘I am asking you.'”

“That’s like me telling you, ‘Willie [Geist], I am asking you to release my son from captivity. You don’t have him! I got him!” Scarborough exclaimed. “I mean, how stupid — and this is a question I have asked of the Clintons since 1992: How stupid do they think we are?”

“How stupid do they think we are?” he asked again.

“I know in the 1990s after a while it was just like, eh you know what, it’s the Clintons. They’re going to lie to us,” Scarborough carried on. “That’s why I said the real tragedy of the Monica deal is that that was the smallest thing that happened during the Clinton administration.”

“Bill Clinton would get hundreds of thousands of dollars from a contributor and then in return he would transfer weapon technology to the communist Chinese government and even when the Defense Department was saying no, even when State [Department] was saying no he would have to go to Ron Brown in Commerce [Department] to get a sign-off,” the MSNBC host said. “Now that’s a scandal!”

“But by the time Monica came along, everybody was so tired, but for some reason the press was stupid and that was what everybody, the people were stupid,” Scarborough added. “That’s what they could grab hold to when there were so many other scandals behind that that were so much more important.'”

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