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Want To Work For James O’Keefe?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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James O’Keefe wants only the best and brightest.

He recently cast his net wide at CPAC, where he said his Project Veritas reception was “the talk” of the conference (although, funny, I’m just learning about it here in his outpouring of self-praise). He called it an “excellent recruiting event” where he met with nearly 100 investigative reporter candidates.

To that end, O’Keefe says he’s hired a “highly skilled” Director of Recruitment to find him the “best and brightest” reporters to come work for him.

Could that be you?

O’Keefe, who released secretly recorded videos of ACORN employees in 2009 and videos of NPR execs in 2011, described the exacting scrutiny one must face to work for him. (Fun facts: O’Keefe was formerly paid by the late Andrew Breitbart to publish his videos. An ACORN employee who lost his job because of O’Keefe’s videos sued him and received a settlement.)

“During events like this one, he conducts detailed and challenging blind interviews where he evaluates a candidate’s mental toughness (especially in high-stress situations), creativity, eagerness to learn and grow, ideological compatibility to Project Veritas and ability to maintain a friendly demeanor while in conversation with the targets of our investigations. Finding the right reporters is critical to the success of our work.”

Update: O’Keefe disputes that the former ACORN employee won anything. An O’Keefe associate sent The Mirror the following document. I exchanged the word “won” above to “received a settlement.”