Lefty Enviro Group Is Mad At Hillary About The Emails

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Some on the environmentalist left are piling on Hillary Clinton for using the private email address HDR22@clintonemail.com instead of a government address where they could be recorded.

Friends of the Earth official Ben Schreiber said in a statement that his group looks forward to the release of Clinton’s emails but is concerned that not all of the emails will be released.

“Given the scale of public controversy over the Keystone XL pipeline and the personal relationship she has with her former campaign-official-turned-TransCanada lobbyist Paul Elliott, we are frankly surprised that our previous Freedom of Information Act requests did not uncover any documents addressed ‘to’ or ‘from’ the Secretary,” Schreiber said.

“The Freedom of Information Act is a bedrock law that allows the public to hold our public officials accountable. Her failure to give these emails in a timely fashion to the State Department undermines the intent of this public disclosure law. There is no justification for deliberately undermining good governance and transparency in the name of convenience,” Schreiber added.

Friends of the Earth. That’s not exactly the Palm Beach Republican and Tennis Club slamming Hillary. Maybe, just maybe, a lot of folks on the left might want a primary for Hillary?

Environmental Protection Agency officials have been alleged to have used personal email accounts to shield correspondence with environmental activists from public disclosure.

Cllinton also reportedly lobbied the Bulgarian parliament to legalize fracking, on behalf of Chevron, a six-figure Clinton Foundation donor.

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