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Quote of the Day:

“I didn’t wear green today, but luckily my fingernails were painted green already because I like to look very grown up.”

HuffPost‘s intrepid Elise Foley.


Congratulations to The Daily Beast‘s New D.C. Bureau Chief: Will Rahn

Rahn slides into Howie Kurtz‘ old role after joining the Beast from The Daily Caller last summer. If you didn’t notice, Rahn bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain hipster barista. (Sorry, Will, I couldn’t help myself.)

A journalist finds one of life’s ‘finest moments’ 

“Should I admit finishing Mark Helprin’s 800 pg. epic ‘Winter’s Tale’ at oyster bar in bowels of Grand Central count among my finest moments?” — Josiah Daniel Ryan, breaking news editor, The Blaze.

More on Robert Durst…

“Does everyone mutter to themselves, btw? I do. I mostly say “stupid, stupid” though, so I don’t think it would come in handy in court.” — Emily Nussbaum, TV critic, The New Yorker.

Sen. Schumer gets press on St. Patrick’s Day 

“TODAY at @CNNPolitics: We go drinking with Chuck Schumer at an Irish pub for St. Patrick’s Day.” — CNN’s Chris Moody.

Unnecessary sucking up

“Philippe Reines could be amazing at Twitter.” — Mother JonesNick Baumann.

Journos reacts badly to Starbucks pushing baristas to talk about race relations

“How about you give me a hot cup of shut the hell up, em kay?” — Mark Hemingway, senior writer, The Weekly Standard.

“I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, I wouldn’t want the cashier to get in my face about their politics.” — Washington Examiner‘s Ashe Schow.

Havoc in downtown Washington

“DC gas leak radius expanding. Just been ordered out at 17th and L.” — Matt Spence, reporter, The Times of London.

CNN’s Don Lemon breaks down the N-word 


“Cable news: Solving complex debates on a nightly basis!” — Mediaite editor-in-chief Andrew Kirell.


“President Obama is ready for St. Patrick’s Day.” — White House.