IN THE CROSSHAIRS: Anti-ISIS Airstrike Takes Out Speeding Vehicle

Jude Abeler Contributor
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Newly unclassified videos released Monday by United States Central Command show precision U.S. and coalition airstrikes against four ISIS targets in Iraq.

According to CENTCOM’s YouTube page, the strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, “the operation to eliminate the ISIL terrorist group and the threat they pose to Iraq, Syria, the region, and the wider international community.”

“The destruction of ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq further limits the terrorist group’s ability to project terror and conduct operations.”

The targets included:

A speeding vehicle near Kirkuk, Iraq, March 9:

An encampment near Mosul, Iraq, March 1:

A compound near Fallujah, Iraq, March 8:

A building near Kirkuk, Iraq, March 9:

The coalition of nations conducting airstrikes in Iraq, according to CENTCOM, include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the U.S.

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