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Quote of the Day:

 “He tried to Cosby me.”

Chelsea Handler in an interview with Esquire, saying that she thinks she had a near-miss incident with Bill Cosby in Atlantic City. The quotes about it are way the hell down in the really poorly organized interview. So keep on scrolling if you want to read about it.

Editor spots ‘fat people’ at dinner 

“So many fat people in the restaurant tonight it felt like the cow level in Diablo.” — Breitbart News Associate Editor Milo Yiannopulos.


The Observer

“Angelina Jolie makes menopause sexy!” — MSNBC’s Krystal Ball.

A word on those cable news hits…

“Is there any more misleading status signifier than the sleek town car that schleps 20something reporters to their cable news hits?” — BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins.

A ‘bro’ question emerges at a White House briefing 

“LOL: Someone in today’s WH briefing asked if Obama isn’t as close w/ Netanyahu as he is with David Cameron because ‘he calls him bro.'” — HuffPost‘s Jennifer Bendery.

Fake pictures are ‘horrendous’ for journalism 

“So many fake ‘Yemen’ pics. Twitter is at once singularly great for news and singularly horrendous for news.” — The Hill‘s Senior director of Audience and Strategy Neetzan Zimmerman.

Journo shoulds all over himself, frets over comments

“I should probably stop reading the comments.” — Blue Nation Review‘s resident baby Jesse Berney.

Mother Jones engagement editor reengages 

“I have not done any work in two whole weeks. Yet I was still paid. Vacation days, man. Wow, what a time to be alive.” — Mother Jones‘ Engagement Editor Ben Dreyfuss. He’s been in Europe and told The Mirror he’s glad to be back in America.

Just Asking Questions: No, the first lady is not bald! 

“Has the @thehill been taken over by TMZ rejects or something w/ this FLOTUS hair stuff?” — Politico‘s Ben White, who’s referring to this story about FLOTUS maybe going bald. Except it’s a false alarm — it’s just her hair pulled tightly back. The pub hilariously links to its first story about the potentially bald first lady.

A headline in Deadspin 

See the story.

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Protesters storm Senate


“Protest in front of Mitch McConnell office right now re ridiculously long senate delay on confirming #LorettaLynch” — Vincent Morris, spokesman for the Senate Budget Committee, aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).