CAUGHT ON TAPE: Black Male ASSAULTS Police Officer’s… Ankles On The B-Ball Court [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Word to the wise: on-duty police officers should never challenge kids to pickup basketball games.

1) You’re probably wearing work boots.

2) There’s a slim — albeit very real — chance the kid you’re about to D up was a former college basketball player, in which case you will DEFINITELY be embarrassed.

In case you don’t take my word as 100% factual, here’s a video that fully substantiates my claim.

It gives “police brutality” a whole new meaning.


A video posted by (@shallo_tattoo_kiing) on

A video posted by (@shallo_tattoo_kiing) on

We’ve got an officer down, we’ve got an officer down.

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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